There is a lot of information available around interview tips. You will find so many articles surrounding this subject heading. Recruitmentology want to give you real tips. Tips that will actually change your interview preparation. We think by now you all know not to be late… Here are our 3 main tips on things you shouldn’t do before an interview…

Interview Tip 1 Don’t smoke.

This is one of our pet peeves. Candidates are often nervous before interviews and for them smoking calms them down. From our experience interviewers hate the smell of stale cigarette on your breath and clothes. They will assume you will do this before you meet their clients and it’s not a nice initial experience when you first meet someone. Another reason to quit!

Interview Tip 2 Personal Hygiene

I can’t stress the importance of good personal hygiene, as simple as it sounds!  There are so many things that could impact your hygiene so you need to get it under control.  For example, you’re running late for your interview and you missed the tube so you run to their offices. You are sweating and this is not pleasant. You wake up late for an early morning meeting and you don’t shower. You forget to trim your nails and they have dirt underneath. Everything about your appearance tells the interviewer about how you could perform at work and how prepared you are – so put a comb through your hair, shine those shoes and put some deodorant on!

Interview Tip 3 LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn to do your research on the company, interviewer and their general activity. But do not connect with them on LinkedIn. We’ve come across a number of candidates recently who have connected with hiring managers before actually meeting with them. You don’t know them yet! Wait until after the interview; it gives you an excuse to speak to them again and touch base.


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